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francisco today to find the key to america's future energy supply. this is the 15th annual competition. they were tasked with using sustainable energy to power these cars. >> it's also a real learning experience, trying to control reaction. that's our main objective as chemical engineers, how to control a reaction, and what are our errors. >> the competition wrapped up a couple hours ago. the university of tulsa, oklahoma, took home first place for their creation. cal and son jose state were in the bottom tier. >> time to look at what's ahead for the week. it's so much darker early. >> we did the time change today, and the clouds have been with us off and on today. that wind advisory posted through tomorrow morning, it was cancelled. the winds didn't materialize. it was breezy but not like what we anticipated. doppler 7 showing a piece of energy to the north brings us a few cloud, and going up further, you can see these clouds starting to break apart, and this is going to be a clear patch that will bring us more sunshine tomorrow. speaking of winds, you can see for yourself that most l
gathered to sign a pacific coast action plan on climate and energy. >> this is significant. >> the plan requires all four jurisdictions account for costs, and where possible, link programs to grow the low carbon economy. brown says one challenge working on a problem we can't see yet. >> we have to take action before seeing an experience. all problems we're dealing with. takes imagination and vision. and courage. >> there are a range of predictions. the bay development commission says it's study shows a phone shall rise of 16 inch business 2050 and 55 inches by 2100. sfo and oakland airport might be inundated. >> we found at 55 inches, up to 280 square miles might be inundated. >> they say it's concentrating to reduce carbon emissions but that is only one piece of the puzzle. action plan leaders recognize the problem is bigger than region can take on, alone. >> if only org ork, california, washington and british columbia, nudging is going to happen. you've got to get everybody, china. india. you have to get texas and alabama. >> the plan require man for paris in 2015. >> alaska air lines
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2